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Bloody hell!


Don’t be afraid, my friends.


But you look scary!


Don’t be fooled by my appearance.

I am doing this on purpose.

You are always looking at how life goes on on the surface, but never know how love works behind it.

I just wanted to show you how she works.


But look at yourself.

You look rather Hate than Love.


That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

My appearance is the symbolized being of love.

Love works behind things, but when she shows up, it looks as awful as this.


You can sing a song of a rainy night or a hymn of a stormy day, even when you don’t know it at all.

But isn’t it nice, isn’t it wonderful if you can see it for yourself.

Imagination meets reality.

Dream meets life.

It is a rare opportunity of a true encounter.

the playwright's recommendation


Since the image of «Tao: A New Way of Thinking» is not available at Amazon.com, the photo of the cover here is not that of the book mentioned. It is that of Penguin Classic’s «Tao Te Ching».

In «Tao: A New Way of Thinking», C. G. Jung and Heidegger are extensively quoted by Chang Chung-yuan.

Chuang Chung-yuan was born near Shanghai in China and taught philosophy at university. In 1930 he emigrated to the U.S. and got a PhD on philosophy at Columbia University.

About 1955, he attended Daisetz Suzuki's lecture at Columbia University and got interested in Zen Buddhism.

He spent some time in Japan studying Zen. In 1971, he visited Heidegger at Freiburg. Soon after the two philosophers' meeting, «Tao: A New Way of Thinking» was published. (From the notes by Hiromichi Ueno in the Japanese translation of the book)

Some people seem to have historic importance when they go somewhere and do something, especially meet someone. Thanks to Chang Chung-yuan, we have an Oriental point of view on the Western interpretation of Tao Te Ching.

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