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Then, let’s sing together all night long.

[Hag goes out]

[Monk stands up]


[To the audience]

I have to tell all of you one thing.

We, especially intellectuals and philosophers, prefer playing with ideas, and detest Reality.

When Reality shows up, we get scared.

Or, we just try to put it into moulds, moulds of ideas which we are capable of understanding.

To some extent, this is a right attitude.

No matter how hard we try to be genuine realists, none of us can help being idealists.

But we must remember there is something that doesn’t belong to either the world of idea or the world of matter.

If you want to grasp the root of your life, you must face this “something”.




[Lights up.

Diva and her Valet are standing as they were at the end of Act-I.

Monk squats in the corner of the stage]


It is too unreal.

I can’t believe it’s really happening.

Let’s do whatever she wants us to do.

the playwright's recommendation

Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki and Kitaro Nishida were born in the same year 1870 in Ishikawa prefecture in Japan.

The two excellent students studied together at the best high school in Kanazawa city.

While Suzuki was a scholar introducing Zen to the modern Western world, Nishida was a philosopher employing modern Western philosophy to understand what the good is.

If you have problems in accepting Zen’s concept of non-self, Kitaro Nishida will give you some helping hand.

In the 27th chapter Perfect Good Conduct of his «An Inquiry into the Good», he explains why we have Self and for what purpose.

Nishida thinks Christian Rebirth = Buddhist Satori.

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