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And, you know, then I can go back to the real world of love where I belong.

That’s why I have been so desperate to see you.


It is very bizarre.

Are you saying that you are a real witch in the mountains?



I’ve come all the way through many, many mountains only to hear you sing about me divinely, with my own ears.

If you sing it, you will set me free from the obsession to this imaginary world.


[To her Valet]

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

What can I do?

If I say no, this old demon is gonna kill us.

I’m scared.



Pull yourself together and do whatever pleases her.


All right, all right.

[To Hag]

I will do it.

I’ll sing the song for you.


Will you?

How sweet of you!

Let’s wait a bit till the moon rises.

And I will show you what I really am.

the playwright's recommendation

After having read the three preparatory books («The LOL2A Principle», «Siddhartha», «The Field»), now it is about time you challenged Daisetz Teitatro Suzuki's works.

«Zen and Japanese Culture» is ideal if you are interested in Tea Ceremony or Haiku. «Manual of Zen» is helpful if you want to consult Zen teachings in China.

If you want to know about Satori, «Living by Zen» is a nice read.

The author Daisetz Suzuki begins the book by assuring that we are all living by, in, and with Zen no matter how hard we try to escape.

In the book Suzuki quotes Dogo's teaching to Soshin.

"When you bring me a cup of tea in the morning, I take it from you; when you serve me a meal I accept it; When you bow to me, I return it with a nod. Where else do yo expect be taught the mental discipline of Zen?"

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