yama uba   Buddha is nothing but Mind   page    17


[To Diva]

When you go back to Kyoto, will you please sing about my role behind everything?

Oh, no, no.

Forget it, young lady.

It was my small ego talking.

No matter how beautifully you sing about me, I still have to wander from mountain to mountain.

It is tiresome, you know, but I’ve got to do it.

I’ve got to keep on doing it forever.

If you share the shade of one tree or drink water from the same river,

it is meant to be so.

There is no coincidence.

You and I are one.

That’s why you sing about me and have got famous.

It doesn’t matter how trivial or frivolous your acts are.

You are me and you sing about love.

No one is alone.

[Hag steps back away from Diva]


It is strange to say good-bye to you, but it is time for me to go back to the mountains.

[Hag exits slowly while singing]

Looking for flowers in spring,

Following the moon in autumn,

Flying with snow in winter,

I wander from mountain to mountain.

That’s my destiny.

I was stuck in this world

Because I wanted too much in this world.

Drifting from one place to another,

Changing from one thing to another,

Finally I have become nothing,

Nothing but a hag.

Now I know I am love.



Look, she was here a moment ago.

Now we can’t see her any more.

Mountains, mountains, more mountains,

Mountains, mountains, over mountains,

She is wandering forever.

She is in the land of Nowhere.