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Here you think you have created your home.

Look around!

Are you really surrounded by the high peaks?

Are you really looking at the valleys below?

Can’t you see, behind the landscape of the mountains, the true reality of the unlimited waters?



And the beautiful moon!

Aren’t you just looking at the moon shining on the surface of the sea?

Touch it if you can.

Grab it if possible.

You will never get it.


I know.

That’s why I am unhappy.


Don’t be foolish.


You don’t have to be unhappy.


I wish I could get the moon.

I would be a rich man because it might be a chunk of silver.

Where do all great messages come from?

Some people have responsibility to distribute them to all humanity.

Those messages can be too radical for people to accept at the beginning. Their messengers can be subjects of mockery.

They don't care. They just do what they think is supposed to be done.

Eventually there appear some people who understand and share the messages. Often outside the country of those precursors.

Masanobu Fukuoka and Masaru Emoto were both born in Japan. Although they are not ignored at all, they are not as well-known as their contributions to humanity deserve. In the country of the rising sun, a minor league Japanese pitcher recruited by Yankees is better known than those unique individuals.

Late Fukuoka's Taoist farming of "doing nothing" is revolutionizing agriculture all over the world, notably in deserts.

The playwright’s recommendation

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Emoto is showing us that water has memory, which explains why homeopathy works.

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